Do You Need To Serve A Late Night Snack At Your Wedding Reception?

25 Apr Do You Need To Serve A Late Night Snack At Your Wedding Reception?

Although you do not have to serve a late night snack at your wedding reception it has become a very popular trend to do so.  Many weddings these days are not just a few hour affair but may last all day long and run very late into the evening.  Most of the time the main meal will be serve at regular dinner time which can be any where from 5:00 to 7:00 pm and is followed by lots of dancing and drinking.  As most weddings venues require last call to be around midnight this leaves approximately a 5 hour gap where no food is served.  In general it is a wise idea to make sure your guests have plenty to eat in an effort to counter act all the drinking and dancing. 

We have found that many brides and grooms want to offer their guests a late night snack options of simple bar type food.  Easy menus that include such things as pizza, chicken fingers, and tacos are a great and an inexpensive choice.  Also offering self serve water and coffee is a simple way to make sure everyone is staying hydrated into the late hours of the night.

We have also discovered that many brides and grooms are distracted by the excitement of the ceremony and mingling with their friends and family to actually eat any of the food that is served.  Most catering companies will make certain that a special plate of food is packed away for them to take home however the late night snack provides them with a second chance to eat once things have calmed down a bit. So although a late night snack is not expected it is great way to make sure everyone who stays into the evening to enjoy the festivities has the option to nibble on food if it is needed.